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Découvrez un monde de cuisine mais ce n'est pas tout.

Rendez-vous avec l'architecte

Une des pièces pour lesquelles les  architectes d'intérieur  reçoivent le plus grand nombre de demandes de conseils, c'est la  cuisin . C'est justement parce qu'on passe beaucou...
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Dans le tiroir

La cuisine est également un lieu de travail dans lequel il est important de toujours avoir tous les ustensiles à portée de main. Pour maintenir l'ordre et transformer l'espa...
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Design pur et élégant pour une esthétique essentielle tout en restant fonctionnelle. Organiser l’espace tout en gardant tout en ordre n’est pas franchement simple.  Ce n...
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Integrated or independent?

Perfect integration means continuous surfaces and open-fronted units to create a constantly evolving alternation of spaces. The module of the kitchen’s horizontal units sets the...
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Tiles in the kitchen

Talking Of Tiles (Part II)

Having looked at how to lay tiles and their visual effects, let us now focus on how to select them based on their intended use. Which features must they have to fit your rooms? W...
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Talking Of Tiles (Part 1)

When we've seen a tile we like, who hasn't asked: will it look good in my kitchen? When choosing wall and floor coverings it's important to evaluate both aesthetics and functionali...
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Suitable storage spaces

By now almost all kitchen models can incorporate a wide variety of convenient storage containers into their structure thus brilliantly resolving all problems of storage and ...
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Midway accessories

Equipping the part of the kitchen wall right next to the working area (behind the sink and hob) can be a life-saver when you are right in the middle of making a complicated dish!
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Arranging Kitchen Functions

The first elements to consider when planning a kitchen are the quantity of space available, and above all, its configuration. A complete, well-balanced composition is almost alway...
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Votre cuisine est en longueur

Lorsque vous concevez votre cuisine, vous devez prendre en considération deux facteurs : l’espace disponible et la manière dont vous pensez vivre cet espace. Si vous n’avez qu...
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A Child-Friendly Kitchen

A kitchen should be family-friendly and designed in a way that makes it safe for the home's younger inhabitants who often keep you company in the kitchen while you prepare meals.
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Designing an Attic Kitchen

Sloping roof, visible beams, dormer windows and skylights: the attic has an intimate fascination that often sets the stage for great scenic effects. Living here, does however mean...
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A question of numbers

To avoid having a brand new kitchen where there just isn't enough space, you need to pay plenty of attention during the design planning phase.
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A convivial kitchen

To take note of this phenomenon just look around in any furniture fair, or just browse any trade magazine. It doesn't take long to realize that, together with the design of furnit...
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