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A surprising and intriguing solution

Designer et Style

Strong contemporary personality for a compositional rhythm all its own

Foodshelf is the innovative response to contemporary home design solutions in which the kitchen and living area become more "fluid" and multifunctional and their characteristics tend to merge.

"Apart from the kitchen furniture as such, it was fascinating to give the home continuity of style, with an aesthetic continued from the living area into the kitchen, and potentially also to other rooms too."

The living area is an important window onto our world.

With Foodshelf’s minimalist aesthetic, the home’s many functions - relaxation, entertaining friends, meals - can be concentrated using a wide variety of elements which also express the owner’s personal style and character.

Perfect balance between kitchen and living area
Foodshelf’s distinctive design revolutionises the relationship between the kitchen and the living area: shelves and strips on which base and wall units of different sizes, heights and finishes can be placed exactly as preferred. So, the living-room solution integrates with the kitchen by the continuous base unit bottom strip that runs on into the lounge, in combination with the new wall-mounted base units 45 cm deep.
The new horizontal linearity is expressed to the full in the living area, defined by the series wood-look shelves which run through the composition and offer an increasingly effective way of linking the kitchen and living area.

Attention to details is also clear in the living area:

new open-fronted units are available, for free combination with the T, U and L-shaped elements

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